Kingsyard Recycled Plastic Wild Bird Feeders with Adjustable Height Pole Kit

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  • ECO-STRONG: Made of durable recycled plastic and stainless metal mesh. Recycled plastic won't absorb water when wet, and is easy to clean away dirt. Great for year-round use!
  • Attract More Birds: A lot more birds tend to use platform feeders because they are often less restricting than other ones. You can offer pure seeds or mixes, suet or suet pellets and even fruit on a platform feeder for attracting cardinal, goldfinch, woodpecker, chickadee, nuthatch, sparrow, titmouse etc.
  • Weatherproof Roof: This bird feeder provides birds with a large sheltered feeding area and it gives you wonderful visibility of all the action. Roof features decorative cut-outs that hold a clear acrylic overhanging roof protecting the food and sheltering your birds from rain or snow.
  • Pole Mounted: Includes 4-piece pole, 5-prong base and mounting hardware. The pole measures 72 inches from top to bottom.

Target Species: Cardinal

Capacity: 4 lbs

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 14.5"L x 10"W x 13"H

Weight: 3.5 poundsIncluded

Components: Stand

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