All birds need water, all the time. A bird bath is an opportunity to attract even the non-seed birds to your yard. Like hummingbirds, Waxwings, and Wrens. But, if you'd like to also see more insect and fruit wild birds in your backyard, get a bird bath. Keep your bird bath fresh and filled year-round and you'll be rewarded with opportunities to see your backyard birds at their best. Bird bath can be as decorative as they are functional. Some are designed to sit on an existing piece of garden furniture, some are on pedestals and can be placed as a focal point on a border or lawn, and some can be hung from a hook. Whether you're looking for something modern, simple, or a statement piece you are sure to find the right bird bath in Kingsyard's collection. Check Kingsyard bird bath to make a perfect garden feature.
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    Kingsyard Metal Bird Bath with Adjustable Clamp
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